Sobriety Companions Counselling

Sober Companions and Addiction Specialists

Do you require a boutique concierge sober companion?

Sober Companion Team

Bringing a professional into ones real life filled with dysfunction, and complexities is similar to the old-fashioned house-call model of yesteryear.

Our established teams of  sober companions may have earned a doctorate, or other clinical, or medical degree, and/or multiple certifications. They all have vast experience working with alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, opioid abuse, pain-management conditions, and other substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders such as fitness and nutrition conditions, family dysfunction, relationship issues, business problems, stress, sleep disorders, depression, porn addiction, gambling addiction, the list goes on.

A very valuable tool that our sober companions may play in ones recovery is that of being relatable. The majority of our professionals, may themselves be in long-term recovery. Association is critical to gaining a clients trust, and garnering hope. All people that have been in the strong-hold of alcohol abuse, opioid addiction, and other substance abuse know that the only professionals that will truly understand what they are going through are those that have overcome their own struggles to a successful, and professional end. We are often able to assist in making changes very quickly. Abusing alcohol and drugs is a coping skill; albeit, not a very healthy coping skill, but a coping skill nonetheless. A specialty sober companion with a higher-education, or a sober companion matched with a clinical, or medical doctor to work with a client, and/or with the family is a proven fast-track to recovery.

Are you already working with a team of clinical experts, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist? Our sober companions are an excellent addition to this type of recovery plan. Our sober companions, also considered sober coaches, are team players, and have collaborated well with top experts at the top treatment centers.

A sober companion may be the missing key that you need to make a prizewinning transition. What is the prize? A life free from addiction, a life healed, a life lived to its fullest.

If you require medical attention, our teams work with well-respected experts from private medical institutions nationally, and internationally, when necessary. Our medical teams specialize in treating alcoholism, drug addiction, and other physical ailments associated with addiction. They are the top experts in medically assisted medical detoxes, holistic medical detoxes; all methods to successfully manage comfortable withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, and other drug substances. Medical detoxification, and medications are closely monitored on hourly, and usually take 7-10 days. Our medical teams ensure the experience of a withdrawal are as painless and pleasant as possible.

Our specialty sober companions are well-traveled, sophisticated, experienced, seasoned, worldly, informed, educated, compassionate, and former business owners, or executives. There is a misconception that sober companions are babysitters. This is far from the truth. Specialty sober companions are advocates that have the ability to truly help you change your life, not simply because they are sober themselves, but because they have also established a career through higher education so they can help you. They care so much about what they do that they have dedicated their entire lives to the field. It may actually be the only way you will recover.

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