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Sober Companions and Addiction Specialists

Do you require a boutique concierge sober companion?

Sober Companion Plan

Your concierge sober companion plan includes working with you on-site 24/7

There is a framework when working within a sober companion plan. Your daily life plan is grounded, flexible, and sensible. We excel at working with our clients at their home location, travel locale, and/or in tandem with their business. This may include working with a solitary client, family, couple, business, or friends. Each case has particular requirements, and needs to be met for example: chronic relapse, pressing court case(s), divorce, co-occurring disorders, internet addiction, pain-management, stress-management, porn addiction, family dysfunction, family office issues, grief recovery, lack of nutrition and fitness, workaholism, retirement, postpartum depression, chronic depression, PTSD, trauma, mid-life crisis, actors, musicians, and celebrities whom require private, and professional assistance to complete a project, and much more. The fundamental aspects of your plan may include the following:

  1. Clearing the clients home, office and vehicles from all drugs. Alcohol is a drug, other non-prescribed drugs, and much more.
  2. The client may receive an initial medical and psychiatric evaluation from doctors that specialize in treatment of alcoholism and addiction. We typically work with doctors and psychiatrists affiliated with all medical, clinical professionals, and institutions throughout the United States, Canada & Europe.
  3. Outline the plan, and begin to live it with professional support.
  4. In chronic cases, the client may be hospitalized for a supervised medical detoxification when necessary. We will be by your side as you go through this process, as a positive catalyst for change, in order for you to be comfortable, and as successful as possible.
  5. Sober companions will also ensure compliance with other medical professionals and/or with the client with respect to medication management.
  6. The client may receive an evaluation by a licensed, or certified professionals to provide recommendations for changes to a healthy, and balanced diet.
  7. The client may attend weekly psychotherapy sessions with a therapist that specializes in treating the disease of addiction, and/or other co-occurring disorders.
  8. The client may participate in private family, couple or group therapy.
  9. The client may participate in social outings.
  10. The client may participate in fitness.
  11. The client will complete a review at the end of each day with their companion. This is an opportunity to discuss the days events. As an experienced person in recovery, the sober companion may help the client to identify any triggering events, or social interactions that will require professional support in changing.
  12. The client may want to participate in random Urine Analysis (“UA”) screenings and/or
    breath tests, when required.

There are infinite yet undiscovered possibilities, interests, activities, and personal growth conduct that will transform your life. You may falsely believe life is boring, or that your life is over. This is light years away from the truth. The truth is your dysfunctional behavior may in fact be perishing, leaving you with a daily void that must be filled; the birth of your new recovered self. For a successful outcome, this very important transition most certainly requires professional support by an experienced, and qualified sober companion.

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