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Sober Companions and Addiction Specialists

Do you require a boutique concierge sober companion?

Sober Companion Interventions

Do you want an alternative to a traditional intervention?

We thought so. This is how sober companion interventions were shaped. A well-qualified professional also experienced as a sober companion is seasoned, and skilled to stabilize people in pursuit of chronic drinking, prescription drug abuse, opioid abuse, cross-addiction that do not want to check into a treatment center, or luxury rehab. A sober companion intervention is for those people that are willing to work with an experienced expert at their home location, or other suitable location for the purpose of recovery, and want an alternative to the “Intervention to Treatment Center Model”.

For the most effective alternative crisis intervention a sober companion intervention is the smartest choice.

People devastated by the vicious cycle of addiction often cannot see the obvious damage they are causing themselves, or their loved ones. It is frustrating, and heartbreaking to watch a person with great potential, or a high-functioning person destroy their life. One can only hope they do not take the lives of others with them. Why can’t they see the obvious? Why do they continuously leave us to repair their damage? More interestingly, why do we continue to suffer, and hold out hope? Broken homes, divorces, loss of parental rights, death, or the death of another directly connected to addiction, loss of jobs, loss of business, loss of friends, loss of finances, courts, judges, attorneys, the loss of a ones true self. Many times people are more concerned with the cost of a sober companion intervention, or a sober companion plan, and do not consider the cost of all of the loss they already experienced, or absolutely will experience if they do not recover. Is the devastation of addiction worth all of the loss involved? We know it is not. Years of destruction committed by addiction are more costly emotionally, financially, spiritually; equivalent to hell on earth, and/or a person can save years of devastation by taking an empowering step – a sober companion intervention.

A message for the codependent, or enabler

A unique dynamic often exists between a chronic alcoholic, heavy drinker, prescription drug abuser, or other substance abuser with those that love them the most. It is called being codependent, or enabling. There are established therapies, interventions, programs to help codependents, or enablers. In short, this dynamic is the need for one to seek their own validation through their support, and care of the dysfunctional relationship. By the mere fact that one person is battling addiction means dysfunction is at work. The person who cares most about the addicted person is often the most difficult to convince that they need help themselves; usually family members. If someone is always there to pretend nothing is wrong, hide indiscretions, what need is there for an addicted person to change? This is the enabler enabling the person afflicted with addiction. This is why a sober companion intervention is most successful when a family, or loved ones are involved.

As long-term evidence of a sober companion plan has been established, so to has the business of interventions. An interventionist is a professional that provides crisis intervention with an individual, or a whole family to include: the identified patient, the codependents, and the enablers. Interventionists will help to stabilize an addicted person, and family dysfunction immediately. An intervention is a form of education that will finally lift the lid from all the suffering, and frustration. There are several intervention techniques based on each case. A sober companion intervention will approach the person battling addiction with an powerful message that the time has come to get help.

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