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Do you require a boutique concierge sober companion?

Sober companion recovery tips

There is a vast contrast when working with advanced concierge #SoberCompanions that have pursued a higher-education, established long-term recovery, acquired experience in #TopTreatmentCenter settings, have worked with skillful teams of medical, and clinical experts, growing their #Recovery both personally, and professionally.

Our sober companions and sober coaches possess a natural ability to work successfully with clients, families, friends, and business associates in emergency situations, dysfunctional environments, or fresh out of #LuxuryRehab to stabilize any setting as swiftly as possible.

When you choose to work with top professionals in any field, results are achieved.

Here are a few #SoberCompanion #RecoveryTips stories:

Recovery Tip: High-functioning, stressed out CEO, does not have time, nor does this individual want to check into a #Treatment Program. An advanced concierge sober companion works in close proximity with the individual, and others with result-driven success.

Recovery Tip:A married chronic #ChronicAlcoholic mature adult checks into a #FloridaTreatmentCenter. Physically disabled in a #LuxuryRehab with young adults, forced to attend yoga classes (which may induce a seizure, or heart attack), and is coerced to attend piano classes with permanent brain-injury. Does this make sense to you? This individual is an ideal match to work with a #SobrietyCompanion.

Recovery Tip: Licensed medical professional will lose their license if they check into an #AddictionRehab. By hiring a well-matched specialty sober companion this medical pro is able to keep their job.

Recovery Tip: Family members in the UAE are gravely concerned about an addicted family member in Europe. A concierge specialty sober companion is hired to teach the addicted family member a new way of living in #Recovery mindful of cultural sensitivities.

Recovery Tip: Canadian family understands that #CanadaLuxuryRehab is not as advanced as #USLuxuryRehab due to government control. An advanced concierge sober companion is hired to work in the clients home.

Recovery Tip: A #SoberCoach works closely with an addicted individual, and enabling family members by establishing resources, education, and compassion.

Recovery Tip: A #SoberCompanion checks into a hotel close to where the client is practicing their addiction and meets with the family. The client then jets off to a different location. The professional follows the defiant client to the next location, stays within close proximity to the client in order to initiate an intervention, begins an introduction to pre-contemplative protocols, the client gradually agrees to work with a well-trained #SoberCoach to a favorable end.

Recovery Tip: Couple decide they want to recover together at-home or outside of a #CouplesRehab or #CouplesTreatmentCenter. One or two #Sobercompanions are sent to a location of their choice, and a specialty recovery plan is set-up.

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