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Sober Companions and Addiction Specialists

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Wellness reclaimed with a specialty sober companion is characterized by certain traits to include:

  1. Willingness to work with a professional
  2. Participation in a healthy lifestyle
  3. Exploration of new behaviors that will work.

We specialize in providing clients, and families ravaged by alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, all other substances, and/or co-occurring disorders with support from a professional sober companion. We focus on pairing our clients with credentialed, certified, or experiential addiction treatment professionals.

Your sober companion plan may be simple or complex.

Our clients are typically high-functioning, and may currently be engaged with a cohesive multidisciplinary team of professionals, or an in-cohesive arrangement of doctors, or submerged in the depths of active addiction, we will seamlessly integrate our sober companions into your all-embracing daily plan. We are also able to provide our clients with the various resources that they would be provided upon checking-in to any of the best residential treatment facilities in the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Reasons to choose a sober companion:

A client to sober companion partnership is custom tailored to integrate with a clients personal, and/or professional obligations. We understand that creating changes along with a new lifestyle may not seem possible to you at this moment. However, there is too much evidence that proves it is possible to grow, and change. Learning new addiction-free behavior, and creating a brand-new lifestyle by oneself in a dysfunctional environment is rare. It is achievable with a trained professional, whom may have also walked the exact same path before you.

Sober companions are boots-on-the-ground on the addiction battlefield!

Inpatient residential treatment centers, and outpatient programs may provide a valuable introduction to the world of recovery, or wellness. Nowadays, strong foundations are often introduced in luxury rehabs, or outpatient facilities. Yet, even those leaving a medical detox center, or treatment center after a successful detoxification with an accumulation of days, or weeks free from alcohol, and substance abuse must eventually return to their home environment. These foundations initiated in the safety, and privacy of traditional treatment settings must branch out further, and new behaviors applied as individuals complete, and transition back into their real lives. Knowledgeable sober companions fill this need long-term.

There are a number of case scenarios that you may fit into, for example: You may have never checked into a treatment facility, you may not want to go away for thirty days, you may have unsuccessfully attended multiple luxury rehabs, you may have worked with other sober companions to your dismay, you may have never worked with a sober companion. When you have a true professional working on-site with you at your home location, or traveling location vs. your co-dependent enablers the reality is you may have a relapse or two, but you will grow, and you will heal. A sober companion will show you how to begin to live the life you want.

Experienced sober companions may also play dual roles besides being a sober coach, or recovery coach, they may also be well trained as an interventionist, addiction counselor, certified alcohol counselor, cognitive behavior specialist, trauma expert, fitness and nutrition specialist, first responder, or as we like to say: “Boots-on-the-ground” in your home environment.

All battles are won with trained professionals.

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