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Sober companion case studies

There is a vast contrast when working with specialty sober companions that have pursued a higher-education, established long-term recovery, acquired experience in well-respected treatment center settings, have worked with skillful teams of medical, and clinical experts, growing their gifts both personally, and professionally.

Our sober companions possess a natural ability to work sensibly with clients, families, friends, and business associates in emergency environments, highly dysfunctional situations, or fresh out of luxury rehab to stabilize any environment as swiftly as possible.

When you choose to work with top professionals in any field, results are achieved.

Here are a few sober companion case study stories:

Case Study: High-functioning, stressed out CEO, does not have time, nor does this individual want to check into treatment program. A concierge specialty sober companion works in close proximity with the individual, and the family with fortunate results.

Case Study: Married chronic long-term alcoholic mature adult checks into a Florida treatment center. Physically disabled in a treatment center with young adults, forced to attend yoga classes which may induce a seizure, or heart attack, coerced to attend piano classes with permanent brain-injury? This individual is an ideal match to work with ASC.

Case Study: Licensed medical professional will lose their license if they check into a treatment center. A well-matched specialty sober companion is sent to work on-site with astounding positive results.

Case Study: Family members in the UAE are gravely concerned about an addicted family member in Europe. An ASC concierge specialty sober companion is an excellent fit.

Case Study: Canadian family understands that treatment in Canada is not as advanced as it is in the United States due to government control. A sober companion is flown to work on-site long-term.

Case Study: Sober companion heals an addicted individual, and enabling family members through formal education, experience, and understanding.

Case Study: Sober Companion checks into a hotel close to where the client is practicing their addiction, and meets with the family. The client then jets off to a different location. The professional follows suit to the next location, stays within close proximity to the client in order to initiate a gentle intervention, begins introduction to pre-contemplative techniques to break ground client slowly responds, and gradually agrees to work with sober companion to a favorable end.

Case Study: Couple decide they want to recover together. Sober companion is flown to their location, checks into a hotel close to the couple, and sets up the specialty sober companion plan.

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