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Are You Ready to Make Smarter Sober Choices?

A smarter sober choice begins by making one simple change. A smarter sober choice may also be considered harm reduction. Harm reduction may save your life, or the life of another. Choosing to begin to work with a specialty sober companion is a form of harm reduction versus high-functiong, or low-functiong people in the perils of active addiction, or establishing long-term wellness by oneself which means you will be walking a very long road by yourself, you will get lost, you may find your way back, or you may not. It is similar to hiring an experienced guide. It is always smartest to do it right the first time.

There is an undefeated path returning to normality that millions of people have achieved successfully. Each person has a different path. This is why people succeed when one is immerged in a new life with the guidance of an expert professional(s) full-time.

Our specialty sober companions have worked at the former Betty Ford Center, Promises, and many other treatment centers. They possess a higher-education. They may also have multiple certifications. Many of them are successfully recovered long-term themselves. They have themselves accomplished the life of their dreams, and find being a sober companion very fulfilling. The right formally trained , and educated sober companion is an advocate. They have decades of experience, have helped thousands of people, and will know exactly how to help you change your life.

You may also choose to have a clinical or medical professional(s) manage your sober companion.


Similar to learning a second language the original model of immersion used in Canada and later in the United States is called full (or total) immersion. Full immersion sober companion care is learning to live a second life, fully immersed with the help of a professional, a sober companion. One of our specialties is working with our clients within the framework of a sober companion plan that includes your real-life demands, and activities. A short-term to long-term sober companion plan may be from two weeks up to five years. Five years is a U.S. Medical Boards Model for those medical professionals that have had their license revoked due to the destruction of addiction, and are required to be in a five year plan. Typically, people respond very well to a two-week plan, at the very least; a three month to one year plan is much more effective. There are two types of schedules: 1. Structured 2. Unstructured. Our sober companions know how to manage your schedule within the formation of these two types of schedules.

If our clients are already working with a team of professionals, we will seamlessly integrate the sober companion into ones current treatment plan. Or, we can provide our clients with the various resources that they would receive upon entering any luxury rehab in the United States, Canada, or Europe; if they are not already working with a team of addiction doctors.

Our sober companions help our clients to navigate an easy, and sensible life plan that is freeing. Let’s face it, people with an addiction do not usually fit into a normal mold, and more than likely they never will. They are very colorful types of personalities. All that needs to happen is to help them grow, and transition into their true spectactular sober nature, and a fully immersed sober companion option is an evidence-based answer to begin this journey.

Are you an Actor, Musician, or Sports Athlete?

We provide invaluable support for celebrities in the world of entertainment and/or professional sports. Film studios, production companies, insurance companies, attorneys, sponsors, managers, and agents have liveliehoods that all depend on timely, and professional performances. Active addiction causes delays, cancellations, budget overruns, losing sponsorships, and more drama. All scenarios are bottom-line liabilities that must be addressed if there is a history of addictive behavior. From the P.G.A. tour to the N.F.L. to films with $10M budgets, celebrities, and athletes are people too. They may just be a person fighting alcohol abuse, prescription drug addiction, and other substances in the world of professional sports and entertainment due to stress, grief, depression, pain-management, the list goes on.

Whether on location for a movie set or television show, music tours, or on the road for away games, our sober companions have worked in a variety of environments with a variety of high-profile professionals whom require certain on-site etiquette when in these environments. The goal is to keep clients on track, and to ensure that they effectively manage their busy schedules to perform at their peak.

Drunk Driving & Drugged Driving Offenses

Criminal defense firms handling cases that involve drug or alcohol related offenses have defendants that benefit greatly from a full immersion sober companion plan. Our expert medical doctors, addiction doctors, psychiatrists, and much more can provide professional reports for defense attorneys to present to prosecutors, and judges in court. Drug testing, and court approved documentation will confirm the positive measures achieved by our clients, assuring the court that the defendants have abstained from alcohol abuse, or other illicit substances while awaiting settlement, trial, or in lieu of jail time. Combined, our expert reports by well-respected addiction professionals will be evidence of the extraordinary efforts our clients have committed to while addressing their addiction. Fortunately, when it gets to this point clients do thrive under the jurisdiction of criminal court, and a judge.

Are You a Jet-Set Globe-Trotter?

Traveling can be a challenge, filled with chaos, and anxiety for any person that is drunk, drugged, or cross-addicted. Our sober companions are cultured, and well-traveled. They know how to accompany, and assist a jet-set globe-trotter. Whether flying a private jet, or commercial airline, clients require extra assistance when in public. Our companions will be by our clients side at every moment. Please note if a client is intoxicated before boarding a commercial airline it is most likely the airline will remove the traveler. This will not happen on a private jet. There is no question that clients who are newly sober definitely require extra assistance when traveling.

Whether traveling away from home, looking forward to a luxury vacation, traveling for business, or shuttling to homes around the world these situations often lead those with addiction to actively imbibe, or indulge while they are away, or abroad. The trip may be considered a geographic, or a regular part of their lifestyle. The jet-setter lifestyle may not be the problem. There are new adopted attitudes that can be learned while living ones real-life. A well-traveled, well-heeled sober companion can teach these new cognitive behaviors on-the-go.

CEO & Corporate Sober Companion Care

Are you a stressed out CEO that cannot take time off? Are you a corporation with addiction-addled employees that are costing your company millions in losses? ASC collaborates with human resource and employee assistance program directors to provide full immersion sober companion care in the workplace. From key corporate executives, to high-level management, top producing commercial real estate, or investment agents, partners at leading law firms, doctors, and surgeons at world-class hospitals to leading academics, and administrative executives at prestigious universities, from movie studios to fast-growing tech companies, respected collegues, and other professions, your corporation may need assistance immediately. There are gentle ways to quietly accomplish the goals of a CEO, or corporate employee that needs, wants, or is being forced to seek a sober companion. Our sober companions may work privately with clients at their office, business, attending functions, social gatherings, pressing events, and important meetings.


Families, couples, and other personal relationships present all sorts of family dynamics that produce an ever changing, and often an unpredictable home life.

Both couples, and family counseling at-home is ideal in helping family members, or other loved ones to learn new healthy family behavior. Through education with a professional family healing will begin almost immediately. True recovery will include your partner, your family, friends, business associaties, or others. Family and other perosnal relationships are a big part of the recovery equation.

Are you a Family Member Concerned About a Young Adult?

If you are 18 years, or older our sober companions can work with you. We have helped young adults, and families of young adults achieve recovery, and far surpass expectations. Binge drinking, opioid addiction, chronic abuse of other substances is an epidemic with young adults, as not only do they think they are immortal; pharmaceutical corporations are littering the paths of young adult lives with lethal combinations of prescription drugs out the gate. Peer pressure, school, social anxiety, family expectations, and so much more, all contribute to a young adults stunted dysfunction. Families do their best to help their loved ones. Families require a certain amount of healing too. Studies prove alcohol, and drugs (alcohol is a drug) directly affect eleven people. Families have developed dysfunctional behavior in response to their loved ones addiction. With the right sober companion, and proper guidance young adults can reset their lives, excel, and move forward. Families may need healing too, and will benefit from a well-trained sober companion that has experience working with families.


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