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We provide specialty #sobercompanions for individuals, couples, and families who require professional help from #alcoholaddiction, #opioidaddiction, other drug substances, co-occurring disorders, and more!

Three reasons to choose our specialty sober companions:

  1. Our licensed, certified, or experiential professionals were well-respected leaders at top treatment centers, and much more.
  2. You may choose to have a clinical, or medical doctor directing your companion.
  3. Our sober companions are all HIPPA & WAATME certified.

Our sober companions will either live with our clientele side-by-side at their home location, or travel with the client to multiple locations. Sober companions are a highly-effective, and evidence-based excellent approach to reclaim wellness.

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Sobrietycompanions.com provide sober companions also referred to as sober partners, sober minders, sober coach, recovery coach, sobriety companions, and on the rare occasion referenced as an alcoholism companion; Celebrity rehab shows have referred to sober companions as a sober friend. Please contact us with your personal sober companion requests, and to inquire about pricing. If you have questions about alcohol or drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, treatment, alcoholism, medical detox, or any issues related to treatment, or after-care, please contact us today. ASC provides sober companions in the United States, Canada, & Europe.

I need a sober companion. Do you or a loved one have a drinking problem? Are you battling alcohol addiction, or heavy drinking? Are you on a cocktail of prescription drugs prescribed by multiple doctors? Are you ready to get your life back on track? There is an addiction specialist ready to speak with you immediately.